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Works - Duo
Sun is down
(2019) violin and violoncello - ca. 6'
Premiered July 2019 by Emma Richman and Emmanuel Acuerero -
Conservatoire Américain, Fontainebleau, France
(Emma Richman and Emmanuel Acuerero - July 2019, Fontainebleau, France)
Sun is down_score_2019_Page_5.jpg
seeing not dim/by dint of what's not seen
(2018) soprano voice and double bass - ca. 10'

Recording by Departure Duo
Score available by request -​​
seeing not dim by dint of what's not see
still tongues mumble
(2017) two trombones - ca. 9'
Premiered December 2017 by Rage Thormbones - Issue Project Room, New York, NY
(Weston Olencki and Matt Barbier of Rage Thormbones - December 2017, New York, NY)
still tongues mumble_score_2017_Page_07.
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