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Works - Ensemble

Veiled Gazelle: A Field of Islands

(2023) for Carnegie Hill Concerts Chamber Players - ca. 6'30"

Score available by request -

Laura Cocks - bass flute

Yuma Uesaka - contrabass clarinet

Joe Moffett - trumpet

Hello O'Shay - vocals and electronics

Kevin Ramsay - electronics, guitar and daxophone

Sam Yulsman - piano and electric keyboard

Conrad Harris - violin

Marika Hughes - cello

Texts by Édouard Glissant and Edgar Lee Masters

A Field of Islands is a movement from of a larger work written in collaboration with Kevin Ramsay. Drawing on a bewildering array of global experimental traditions, the piece is an evening length concert experience blending synesthetic illusion, elegy, aural spaces and their dissonant styles of post-colonial psychonautic research. The work requires performers who are both adept at the interpretation of notation and accomplished improvisers.

Voided Sky/Endless Bay

(2022) for Talea Ensemble and Jessie Cox - ca. 19'30"



Interview with Talea Ensemble Executive Director, Adrian Morejon about the piece:

Score available by request -

Clouds Over Helensburgh
(2021) for electric guitar, string trio, bass clarinet, and electronics - ca. 4'30"


Distractfold Ensemble - July 2021
Score available by request -
Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 10.06.31 AM.png
(2021) for the Sun Ra Arkestra - ca. 6'

Recorded May 2021 as part of the Arkestra's collaboration with Columbia Composers

Score available by request -
sun ra_for website_reduced_reduced.jpg
Negative Horizon
(2019) large ensemble - ca. 5'30"
Premiered April 2019 by Talea Ensemble - DiMenna Center, New York, NY
(Talea Ensemble - April 2019, New York, NY)
Score ​​
Negative Horizon_score_2019_Page_12.jpg
Morning at the window
(2019) violin, violoncello, piano and clarinet (Bb) - ca. 5'
Premiered June 2019 by the Music from Copland House Ensemble - Merstead Estate, Mount Kisco, NY
(Music from Copland House Ensemble - June 2019, Mount Kisco, NY)
Morning at the window was composed for CULTIVATE 2019, Copland House's emerging composers institute.
Morning at the window_score_2019_FV_10_2
In a Milan Garden
(2017) ajaeng, geomungo, piano, percussion and bass flute - ca. 12'
Premiered October 2017 by the New York New Music Ensemble and Ensemble Korea
Pacific Rim Music Festival, Santa Cruz, CA
(New York New Music Ensemble and Ensemble Korea - October 2017, Santa Cruz, CA)
In a Milan Garden_score_2017_Page_06.jpg
a line off the convaplex
(2017) string quartet - ca. 12'
Premiered March 2017 by JACK Quartet - DiMenna Center, New York, NY


(JACK Quartet - March 2017, New York, NY)
Score available by request -
a line off the convaplex_2017_score_Page
(2016) large ensemble - ca. 5'
Premiered June 2016 by the Wet Ink Large Ensemble
1st annual Wet Ink Large Ensemble Readings, New York, NY
(Wet Ink Large Ensemble - June 2016, New York, NY)
(2014) oboe, bass clarinet, violin, viola, violoncello and piano - ca. 9'
Premiered April 2014 by counter)induction - Columbia University, New York, NY
(counter)induction - April 2014, New York, NY)
Score available by request -​​
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