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Works - Solo
between partial crossings
(2018) solo piano - ca. 7'
Premiered November 2018 by Julia den Boer - Galerie Hus, Paris
(Julia den Boer - December, 2019, New York, NY)
Infuse présente interview with Julia den Boer about the piece.
between partial crossings explores the sensuality of the pianist's finger pads as they traverse the tiny space between the surface of the key and the piano’s escapement threshold - the point at which the hammer is engaged and falls freely to the string.  Sometimes sounds are produced but often they are not.  The audience in turn is invited to approach these spaces between sounds not as silences or breaks in the action but as invitations to imagine the music that could have been - to improvise with the pianists fingers and the escapement of the piano to build a working knowledge of the piece as it is uncovered in situ. 
between partial crossings_score_2019_Pag
cartilage psalm
(2018) solo voice and electronics - ca. 4'
Premiered October 2018 by Gabrielle DaCosta - Decay Tapes, New York, NY
(Gabrielle DaCosta, October 2018 - New York, NY)
Note: headphones are recommended for this piece! It is very quite.
Score available by request -
cartilage psalm i_score_2018_Page_1.jpg
ifs of color, devout conditions
(2018) solo violoncello - ca. 11'
Premiered September 2018 by Séverine Ballon - TACEC Generación
Festival, La Plata, Argentina
(Séverine Ballon, September, 2018 - La Plata, Argentina)
Score ​​
ifs of color devout conditions_2018_scor
up in algid skies
(2018) solo haegeum and electronics - ca. 6'
Premiered August 2018 by Jeonghyeon Joo - ICMC 2018, Daegu, Korea
Recording (excerpt):
(Jeonghyeon Joo, August, 2018 - Daegu, Korea)
Score Excerpt ​​
up in algid skies_2018_score_Page_05.jpg
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