Jessie Cox - drums/Sam Yulsman - piano  

Our work together spans a multiplicity of musical codes, and spiritual methodologies.   Different strains of jazz, contemporary classical, and electronic music are often at the center of our improvising and composing, as are collaborations with other soloists and groups.  In 2018-2019, we worked with the intrepid violin duo String Noise on a monthly series of concerts at Spectrum (NYC) with artists including Roman Filiu, Eric Wubbels and Bethany Younge.  A trio collaboration with Roman Filiu has also been central to our work, with a new record of compositions forthcoming.  Our debut record as a duo will be released by Gold Bolus in April 2019 (date TBA), featuring Bethany Younge (vocals) and Dani Dobkin (surge synthesizer).​​